Remote training notice

Update:2018-09-28 17:13:33

1.     Watch the video

Click"Services"-"Video Center", enter user name and password,you can access the video center to watch the video.

The course is ordered by twonumber before subject.

For example: 【01_軟件基礎講解】is the first course, 02_常規繪圖工具講解】 is second course, according to the order to watch

2.     Exam and testing

According to your course, we willevaluate your craft, stitch pattern, jacquard, intarsia as four stages of yourlearning knowledge, in order to find your weakness and learn again.

The examination and answerwill be published in “service center”- “training”

Meanwhile, at the last stageof course, we need to practice in the machine to promote, we will list normalmistake as a video to instruct you to improve. The video is uploaed in “servicecenter”-“video gallery”

3.     Questions and answer:

Any questions in your course,you can send your questions according to QQ, our teacher will reply you on15:30-16:30 every day.

Training teacher QQ is 2481482324 (available for internet training), you will be verifiedby Beworth training center and get one training account, one account is limitedto one student.

4.     Normal questions:

If you see red cross to whatvideo, can’t play the video

This is browner compatibleproblem, if you are using 【Internet Explorer, please update IE to 10.0 to play the video.

Also, we recommend you to usetencent browner to view the video, below is download address: